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Mack McIntosh

Mack is President and Chair of the NZHIA. He is a RNZN trained Diver and has served overseas. He was awarded the Electronic Navigation Shield for service to the fishing industry 1987. In 1988 he committed all his available time and resources to studying hemp and its benefits for New Zealand. A founding member of the NZHIA in 1990, he was a member of the “Interagency Working Group on the Cultivation of Industrial Hemp” which set the statutory requirements for the issuing of Licenses to import, grow and process industrial hemp within New Zealand 2000/01. Mack is very proud his licence number is IHRB1.


Mack is enthusiastic regarding the next generation of folk entering the ihemp industry and sincerely hopes MoH can be persuaded to view ihemp as exactly what it is, an economic opportunity. Mack has been growing and refining his NZ genetic cultivars of ihemp in Tawanui (bottom SE corner SI) since 2004. Mack considers himself an idealist “Greenie persistent lobbyist, ideas person and motivator”. He is a strong believer in the “little people/primary producers“.


My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, July 5

09:20 NZST