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I have been involved heavily in the industry since 2015 after my sister was given 3 weeks to live. Already holding a number of licences firearms, passenger, liquor, licence The natural progression was to get licensed and get involved. I had no idea what I was in for, despite the regulations and licensing we didn’t have an industry or any products on the market, II was stumped what had I paid a licence fee for? Certianly wasn’t to have a play around. Finding the legal groundwork had been done by the pioneers I have challenged the ministry on a number of issues which they have backed off and we have had small victories. This summit is the place to educate inform and unite a industry with a focus on utilising every economic avenue to the betterment of all people. This plant in history is regarded as the tree of life come and find out how hemp / cannabis used correctly can change economic and health outcomes for all of us. The plant holds the power so giving the plant to the people means putting us back in power to make change for those we have not met yet. Our choices today impact the generations to follow so let’s get logical!